Red Annex

2207 Rio Grande Street , Austin, Texas 78705

Floor Plans
Disclaimer - These floor plans are for purposes of visualization only. Types, numbers, locations, and sizes of furniture vary from room to room. Room dimensions may vary by up to six inches in some cases. Rooms are assigned by the House, and may be changed as set forth in the Contract. Furniture may be relocated from room to room prior to move in, in order to accommodate differing occupancy conditions, and to facilitate normal yearly cycles of cleaning, storage, repair, and renovations. Therefore specific furniture viewed in a particular room during a tour on site, or in viewing our web site, may not actually reside in that room at move in.

Window measurements are believed to be accurate, and represent the inside of the finished sheetrock of the window recess (excludes the window metal or wood trim itself). Those who plan to order custom window coverings, valances or drapes are advised to first make their own measurements on the premises. We recommend you refer to professionals for advice as to any dimensional deductions, if any, for flush inside mounts, or dimensional additions, if any, for outside surface mounts. Refer to our Rules and Regulations under Decorating.

Computers and Phones
Phone and data outlets are shown as solid and outlined triangular symbols, respectively, in their approximate locations.

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Image Map
Image Map