Frequently Asked Questions

Contract Fees and Contract Replacement

Do you accept credit cards for any payments?

No. We only accept cash or checks.

Is the rate listed on the contract divided between residents in each room, or is the rate for each resident?

The contract rate listed is per person.

What are the chances of getting my contract replaced?

There are no guarantees that your contract will be replaced and demand and timing each year varies. Historically, the earlier we receive your request to release your space, the better your chance we will be able to find replacements. But remember that this year may not follow our historical patterns, and is greatly influenced by admission policies at UT, so there is NO GUARANTEE that your contract will be replaced.

After we fill our dormitory, we replace contracts in the order we receive written requests for release and replacement. If you sign a contract and then change your mind, typically the earlier you let us know the better your chance of replacement. Furthermore, you can replace your own contract by referring someone to Hardin House who does not previously have an application with us. If indeed they desire to sign a contract, and are approved by Hardin House, then your unique referral would replace your specific contract.

What is the facility confirmation fee?

The facility confirmation fee is due with the signed contract. It is not rent, does not apply to a particular time period, and is not refundable except as set forth in the contract (detailed in the next answer). To determine the full contract amount, the facility confirmation fee must be added to the A, B, or C payment amount.

What happens if I sign a contract and my daughter decides not to come to Austin?

Our contracts are binding, which means that unless your contract is replaced, you are liable for the full year's contract amount. If we receive a written request for release of your contract on or before a specified date referenced in the contract, AND a replacement resident acceptable to Hardin House is found, a portion of the facility confirmation fee will be refunded and your contract will be released. If we receive that request after a specified date AND a replacement resident acceptable to Hardin House is found, none of your facility confirmation fee will be refunded, but your contract will be released.