Frequently Asked Questions

Rooms and Roommates

How do you determine room choice order?

Application and fee receipt date determines priority. We assign rooms starting with the earliest dated application and application fee received. Once we have received and executed all contracts, we then sort each by application date and assign rooms in that order. When we reach your name we review your room request and attempt to match your preferred choice, subject to availability.

All of our rooms are great, so even if you have the most recent application date you will still get a great room! We ask that you pretend you have the oldest date when filling out your room request form because you never know how the puzzle will fall into place! But please don't be disappointed if you don't get one of your top choices. To see the floor plans and dimensions of all of our rooms as well as room descriptions, click on the navigation bar for the house you want. Then follow the links to floor plans and room descriptions.

What if I don't know who I want as my roommate by the time the contracts are mailed?

You may leave the roommate name blank when you return the form to us. HOWEVER, if you decide on a roommate choice, we must hear from you BEFORE we start working on room assignments. WE MUST HEAR FROM ALL RESIDENTS WANTING TO ROOM TOGETHER OR WE WILL ASSIGN YOU A POTLUCK ROOMMATE. You can fax or e-mail your roommate changes to us. We will do our best to honor them if we receive notice prior to the date stated in your contract packet.

I'm nervous about going potluck. How does this work?

Relax. Over one-half of our residents go potluck and we have an extremely high success rate of compatibility! In fact, our experience shows that great friendships do not predict compatible roommates. We spend approximately 2 weeks working on room/roommate assignments, carefully examining each roommate request form and resumé to attempt to find the right match. If for any reason a roommate problem does arise (potluck or not), we try to remedy the situation quickly.

When will we receive our room and roommate assignments?

Room and roommate assignments will be emailed by May 20th.