Frequently Asked Questions

Internet, Phone, and TV

Is Hardin House wired for Internet access?

Yes. Every room is equipped with high-speed Internet service that connects directly to The University of Texas network. Internet service is provided through Campus Connect and is included with your contract.

Our entire facility has wireless high-speed Internet throughout. A wireless card in your laptop is all you need to connect to the Internet throughout our building without any plugs!

Does my daughter have to have a phone in her room?

No, a phone in the room is not required as virtually everyone has a cell phone. Basic landline phone service is included in your Hardin House contract, but you would need to provide your own phone.  We must have a phone number on file for each resident.

Is cable television an option?

Though every room is wired for cable television, Hardin House does not provide cable service due to low usage. If you are interested in cable service, you may contact Spectrum directly at 855.306.5688 after you have contracted with us. We have found that most residents bring Smart TVs and stream through their own personal subscriptions using Fire TV Sticks, Apple TV, Roku, etc.

Do we have to bring our own TV or mini-fridge?

We have community televisions in every house. The residents that live in The Apartments as well as Grant House are provided with a Smart television free of charge as we use these rooms for The Quarters Inn during the summer. If you do not live in Grant House or The Apartments you are welcome to bring your own television. Be sure to speak with your roommate(s) so that you only have one TV in your room!

Once you get your room assignment in May, you will get instructions on how to rent a mini-fridge from Hardin House for the school year, if you wish. The mini-fridge will be approximately a 4.4 Cu. Ft. compact refrigerator with small freezer (or comparable). You don’t have to haul your own mini-fridge to Hardin House, carry it up to your room, or figure out what to do with it after this year! If you live in the Hardin House Apartments, you will not need a mini-fridge as you have a full size refrigerator in your apartment. Common area refrigerators are located throughout Hardin House.