Frequently Asked Questions

The Wait List

How does your wait list work at Hardin House?

Once we have executed all available contracts, we then start a wait list. Each contract submitted to us is then put on the wait list in the order in which it is received. We hold these contracts and confirmation fee checks, and you are notified that you are on the wait list. Your check is not cashed and your contract is not executed until: (a) a space is available, and, (b) we contact you to verify that you are still interested.

How long is your wait list usually?

The length or existence of a wait list varies greatly from year to year, and from month to month within any given year. Don't be discouraged by a long wait list, because a variety of factors influence movement on the list. The longer you keep your name on the wait list, the better your chance of securing a space, as many people often drop off the wait list as the weeks go by.

What if you contact us and we're still not ready to sign the contract?

If this happens, your name will stay in the same place on the list marked "INACTIVE". We'll offer the space to the next person on the list. Once we've called you, however, you need to let us know in writing (fax to 512-474-5847, e-mail to hhinfo@hardinhouse.com or mail to 2206 Rio Grande, Austin, TX 78705) when you want your name activated again, or removed from the list. We will wait to hear from you.