Grant House

2206 Rio Grande Street , Austin, TX 78705

Grant House is the most recently remodeled building at Hardin House. The building underwent extensive remodeling in 1998, and was then renamed Grant House in honor of Mrs. Coleen Grant Hardin who resides nearby in Austin, Texas. The building was dedicated with a bronze plaque on April 20, 1998, which was Mrs. Hardin's birthday. The Hardin House dormitory itself was originally established in 1937. It underwent expansions in the late 1960s under Richard D. Hardin, son of founder Stella. Grant House was acquired during that time, and is located to the west, adjacent to Main House and the Apartments, connected by a covered walkway.

Consisting of a living room, den and dining room, kitchen, computer room, laundry, and exercise room, Grant House offers residents lots of options for curling up to study. There are 19 bedrooms of varied floor plans, typically housing 27 residents. The house is a bit more secluded, and yet has access to all the amenities of the entire dormitory, including 2 swimming pools . Each bedroom has a bath, with the majority being private baths.