Main House

2206 Rio Grande Street , Austin, TX 78705

Room Descriptions - We hope this will help you in filling out your Room Request form!

Please remember that we assign rooms in the order we received your application and fee.  All of our rooms are great, so even if you have the most recent application date you will still get a great room!  We ask that you pretend you have the oldest date when filling out your room request form because you never know how the puzzle will fall into place! 

Ninety-two residents live in forty double occupancy rooms and four triple occupancy rooms in Main House on the 2nd and 3rd floors.  Each of the two floors has a laundry room, a study room with a full refrigerator, microwave, Keurig Coffee Maker and an extra full bathroom with a bathtub.  The first floor of Main House contains the Front Desk, a housemother’s apartment, the living room, computer room, exercise room and the dining room.  The 203/303 rooms are above the Front Desk and overlook Rio Grande.  The 204/304 rooms overlook 22 ½ Street.  When you step out into the hall from these rooms you can see the Main House pool.  The 205/305 rooms look out into the courtyard between the dining room and the apartments.  The 206/306 rooms have a beautiful view of the pool.  The 207/307 rooms face the alley to the south.  All rooms in this house have a ceiling fan.

Category I

Main Double Shared Bath

These rooms are your most typical dorm-style. Four girls share a bath that is between two identical 2-girl rooms. The walk-in closets in these rooms are huge! These are our least expensive rooms and we have the most of these!

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Category II

Main Large Double Private Bath with hall window

This one-of-a-kind room is perfect for the girls who love to sleep late, as the only window is high on a wall that faces the hallway. 207L & 307L are our largest private bath rooms in Main House. These rooms have a full tub in a spacious private bathroom, two closets, plus an extra closet in the hall, which is keyed to the room.

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Category III

Main Large Double Private Bath

307L is exactly like 207L except 307L has a huge window to the outside. 203E/303E are our smallest private bath, double occupancy rooms in Main. They have a great view overlooking the pool with an adorable bathroom. There is one very large walk-in closet, plus an extra huge closet in the hall outside the room which is keyed to the room. The other rooms in this category are large 2-girl rooms with private baths. There is one large closet in the room and another in the hall.

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Category III

Main Study Suite Triple Shared Bath

These very large rooms not only share a bath, but also share a large furnished study room with a full refrigerator and sink. Each bedroom has a huge walk in closet, and the study room has two individual closets.

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