2206 Rio Grande Street , Austin, Texas 78705

We hope this will help you in filling out your Room Request form!

Please remember that we assign rooms in the order we received your application and fee.  All of our rooms are great, so even if you have the most recent application date you will still get a great room!  We ask that you pretend you have the oldest date when filling out your room request form because you never know how the puzzle will fall into place! 

Although our ten apartments, located right outside the door from our dining room, are truly styled like apartments, each consisting of a living room, kitchen, dining area, bedroom and private bath, they are very much part of the dormitory.  The Apartments are just another choice of living style that we offer.  Each apartment is uniquely furnished and offers a great choice for those who want the flexibility of one roommate sleeping while the other is awake in another room!  All Apartments include a television in the living room. The upstairs apartments each have vaulted ceilings, creating a very spacious feel in an already very large space.  A total of twenty girls live in The Apartments.  A laundry room is located in the apartment courtyard.  The courtyard is a great place to visit with friends, study and enjoy good weather.

Category II

Double Private Bath

Although this apartment is smaller that the rest, with a different floor plan, it still has all the features of the other apartments. There are two separate closets in the bedroom. A television is provided in the living room.

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Category III

Large Double Private Bath

All of these apartments, except 104, have the same floor plan. Apartment 104 is across the courtyard from the rest with a back door to the courtyard and a front door to the 1st floor of Main House. This apartment has one large walk-in closet in the bedroom. The rest of the apartments have one closet in the bedroom and another in the bathroom. A television is provided in each living room.

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