Frequently Asked Questions


Can I send three copies of the same picture or do I need three different pictures?

Whichever you prefer. The photos are placed in three different books for the staff to begin to learn the residents' names. Photos must be a close up of your face.

Do I have to mail the photos and resume with the contract? My senior photo isn't ready yet.

We strongly urge you to carefully read the checklist and return ALL required documents with the contract. If you don't have your final photos that you want in your file, we ask that you send ones that you already have now and you can always send replacement photos later.

Must I attend UT in order to live at Hardin House?

No! As we learned thsi year many students will be doign college remotely. You must be an enrolled college student to live at Hardin House. We do not specify which college. We have residents attending UT Austin, ACC, St. Edwards and other universities across the country. 

When are contracts mailed?

Contract packets will be available on our website in late January of each year for the upcoming school year! In order to access the contract packet you will need a username and password, which is emailed to all applicants before the contract launches. If you don't have an application with us yet, it is not too late! Just mail in your application with the $100 fee and we will give you a username and password to access the contract packet.

When do I finalize my contract with Hardin House? I have been admitted and have paid my enrollment deposit at UT. When do I need to pay/sign anything to reserve my room choice?

Contract packets are posted online around the last week in January for the upcoming school year. As long as you have an application on file with us for the impending school year, you will be able to access the contract packet using the username and password that we have provided to you. Some of you may be accepted to UT before the end of January, but you will not be able to obtain your contract before that time. You do not have a space with us until we receive your contract and it is executed. We would never ask you to return your binding contract until you are sure that you will be in Austin and living at Hardin House, but we will accept your packet and hold you a spot if that is what your family has decided to do.  Please know that once accepted you are liable for the full contract amount unless we can replace your contract.  Even if we can replace your contract you would still be losing money according to the contract.

When do you fill?

Every year is different, but for the last five years we have filled in three to nine weeks. We do suggest that if your #1 choice is UT and Hardin House, you should return your contract as soon as you hear that you have been admitted. We have found that many students have been informed of their admittance status online days before the notice actually arrived in the mail, so check online often! We cannot guarantee that spots will still be available at Hardin House, so we suggest that you e-mail or call us as often as you like to check on our availability. Shortly after our contract launches you can check our website to see how many spots are still available! Just log on with your username and password to see how many contracts we have received. We will update the website on a regular basis, but remember that the numbers shown may not reflect the exact total contracts received, as this number will be constantly changing.