Housing & Tours for the Night Before UT Orientation

After acceptance to The University, you will be receiving information from UT regarding its seven summer orientation sessions for incoming freshmen. This year UT is requiring all freshmen to stay on campus during orientation, but they do not provide any housing for the night before orientation begins.

Whether or not you will be living with us in the fall, please join us the day before your session begins to get your first Hardin House experience! We offer double occupancy rooms and include dinner, breakfast and parking.

Staying at Hardin House is always a great opportunity to meet other Hardin House girls and take a look at your fall room.  Click here to access the Pre-Orientation Housing and/or Room Tour Form.  COMPLETE THE FORM, PRINT IT AND MAIL IT TO US WITH YOUR FEE, IF YOU ARE SPENDING THE NIGHT WITH US.  COMPLETE THE FORM, SAVE AND EMAIL TO HHINFO@HARDINHOUSE.COM, IF YOU ARE ONLY COMING TO TOUR YOUR ROOM.

To Register for Pre-Orientation Housing or to schedule a tour of your fall room:

  1. Register with UT for your orientation session beginning March 4, 2020 to confirm which session you will be attending.
  2. For UT Orientation Sessions 1-5:  If you want to stay overnight with us the night before your session begins, complete Section I of the Pre-Orientation Housing and/or Room Tour form and mail it to us with your check.  We will send you an e-mail confirmation of your pre-orientation housing to the e-mail address stated on your form. We offer double or triple occupancy rooms at $75 per person which includes dinner, breakfast and parking plus a tour of your fall room.  No overnight stays are available for Sessions 6-7.  You will need to bring your own linens (bedding and towels) and any personal items you will need or you may rent a linen pack for $10, if reserved in advance on your registration form.
  3. For all 7 UT Orientation sessions:  If you won’t be spending the night at Hardin House but want to take a tour of your fall room, complete Section II of the Pre-Orientation Housing and/or Room Tour form, save it and email it back to us.  You will join us at 6:15 pm for your tour.
  4. If you are not attending UT you are welcome to join us overnight or just for a tour by completing the appropriate section of the form mentioned above.
HARDIN HOUSE OVERNIGHT STAYS FOR SESSIONS 1-5 ($75 per person which includes dinner, breakfast and parking)
Check in any time after 5:00 pm on the Sunday before your session begins. Then you and any family members with you are invited to join us for dinner where you can meet your “Stella”, the staff member who will be your mentor while you are a resident at Hardin House.  A drawing will be held for gifts and then our room tours will begin.  Enjoy the rest of your evening on your own and be ready to get up the next morning to a hearty Hardin House breakfast, then off to begin your orientation adventure at UT!

Meet us at 6:15 at the Main House front desk to begin your tour, which will be the only time during the summer that will be set aside for you to see your fall room.  A few rooms may not be available for viewing, but we will try to let you see a room much like the one where you are assigned.  Bring your cameras, tape measures and creative ideas! 

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