May 2024 - Contact Us For Information on Living at Hardin House

At thsi time we have filled all 232 of our spaces for the 2024-2025. We do have a waitlist and will fill any open spots from the waitlist.

Our high school seniors, with applications on file, will be contacted throughout the fall of their senior year via email. Prior to the contract launch, we will also host two or more Teams/Zoom calls to answer questions as well. We are excited for our future Hardin residents and thank you for choosing Hardin House. 

In order to access the contract packet you will need a username and password as well as an application on file. We will email that info to our current applicant database on launch day.

If you have lost your username and/or password, request it by sending an e-mail to and provide us with the applicant's name and address so we can verify your application status. We will reply by e-mail with your username and password.

If you do not have an application on file, please complete the application online, print it and mail it to us with the $200 application fee. Once received, we will send an e-mail to the resident's email address on the application and will provide you with your username and password to access the contract packet.

Once you have read the following information and have agreed to its terms, you will be asked for your username and password, which will give you access to the contract packet. We recommend that you print this page and review the terms carefully.

  • Note that your application we currently have on file does not reserve you a space. Only receipt of the Facility Confirmation Fee and a Contract signed by all parties constitutes a binding agreement and reservation.
  • You may be accessing this contract packet before you have been accepted to a college in Austin, so take into consideration that you must be attending school (UT, ACC . . .) in order to reside with us. Though we do not require college acceptance before you sign and return the contract, we encourage you to wait until you receive official notice. If you choose not to wait until acceptance and you return the signed contract, realize that once fully executed, the contract is binding. Check the website to see our availability, as the date for full occupancy is not predictable. We will update the website on a regular basis, but please remember that the numbers shown may not reflect the exact total contracts received, as this number will be constantly changing. Signed contracts are processed in the order in which they are received. Rooms are assigned according to the date we first received your application and fee; room assignments will be emailed in May. Additionally, our parking spaces are assigned in the order we receive contracts and are limited in number.
  • Once your contract has been executed, the Guarantor and Resident are thereafter liable for the full amount of the contract, unless, upon written request for release of contract by resident, a replacement resident is obtained as provided in Section 19(c) of the contract. If resident delivers a written request for release from the contract prior to April 8, 2024, and a replacement resident is obtained, $1000 of the Facility Confirmation Fee will be refunded to resident; thereafter, none of the Facility Confirmation Fee will be refunded to resident. No matter when we are notified, if no replacement resident can be found to release your contract, you will be held liable for the full amount of the contract. Certainly, the sooner you let us know you need a replacement, the better chance of us working together to find one.
  • The Contract, upon acceptance by Hardin House, will be executed and a copy will be returned for your family's files within 2 weeks. On or around May 20th we will e-mail fall room and roommate assignments, parking invoices and initial billing statements, due June 1st.

 I have read the above information and agree to its terms.

I am now ready to enter username and password to access the 2024-2025 contract packet.

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