Green House

2206 Rio Grande Street , Austin, TX 78705

Category II

Green Double Shared Bath

These rooms are all double occupancy but each has their own unique character. The 101/102 rooms are downstairs and the 201/202 rooms are upstairs with the 101/201’s facing the alley and the 102/202’s facing the pool. The “B” & “D” rooms are square with two separate closets, while the “C” rooms are rectangular with one large closet. The 2 girls in each “B” room share a bath with their single room neighbor. The “C” & ”D” rooms share a bath. Upstairs only, the “C” & “D” rooms also each share a bath with one resident from 200A, making five girls in each of those bathrooms. Green 200A is a one-of-a-kind room that has large windows on two sides and faces Rio Grande. There are two full-sized wardrobes instead of closets and extra storage cabinets in the hallway. This room is great for someone who loves having a bright room with lots of windows! The baths for this room are down the hall & have a large closet inside the bathroom. Once girl shares the bath with 201 C/D and the other shares with 202 C/D.

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